PodsBay is 100% Safe and Here is Proof

When it comes to buying TWS Earbuds there are many sites that are unsafe to buy from and many sites that try to "scam" their customers. Sometimes we get asked that question and we have a very simple answer.

If the below partners that support PodsBay isn't enough to convince you then we challenge you to find a single TWS Earbud site in the world (other than PodsBay) that has this many professional companies supporting us. None offer shipping insurance, very few offer PayPal and none offer Klarna or Sezzle.

We Are Supported By:

  • Sezzle (Buy Now Pay Later)
  • Klarna (Buy Now Pay Later)
  • PayPal (The Safe Way To Shop)
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • We provide Shipping Insurance