How To Fix Broken Earbuds

Unpair and delete the device from your phone or whatever device you're using them on.

  1. Ensure earbuds are in the case and the lid closed and the device profile has been deleted from your phone.
  2. Open the lid and hold the button on the back of the case.
  3. Continue holding the button on the back and you will see a white flash on the LED (or potentially a blue light)
  4. Continue holding the button on the back until the LED stops flashing a white or blue and turns back to a green colour
  5. Close lid and the unit is repaired.
  6. If this fails please repeat steps 1-5 or alternatively leave your earbuds connected to drain fully of battery until they are dead. Then recharge them and this fixes 90%+ of any issues.

If you have not attempted this fix and specifically said so any requests related to "no sound" or "Blue lights" will be rejected on the Returns Page as the Blue Light is not a fault. It simply indicates a disconenction has occured and steps 1-5 above are how to easily fix the issue.

I Dont Want My Earbuds To Pause/Unpause

If your item supports this you can simply enter the Bluetooth settings of your device and de-select the green toggle option to turn off auto-pause or unpause.