BlackPods Review

Our BlackPods are the latest model available currently in a premium matte black finish with long battery life last 3 hours or more. They are easy to pair to your iOS 13 iPhone or Android device with the H1 chip. If you're looking for Black Airpods that don't cost as much as Apple but still give you very similar features for a much reduced price we recommend the PodsBay Blackpods or the BlackPods Pro.

You can find reviews of these products done by some of the YouTube reviewers that sample our products.

For BlackPods check the review here

Or for BlackPods Pro the review is here

Please note that for some people who think there are scams being run on BlackPods don't worry about Podsbay. We accept PayPal (always have always will) as well as other world industry leading payment processors like Sezzle and Klarna which let our customers buy now and pay later.

We also accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Some sellers advertise the "Blackpods v3" please be aware this is only a marketing myth/gimmick. There is no such thing as a Blackpods v1 or v2 or even v3 and there never was. Some sellers have just put a wireless charging pad in the box or made a beautiful plastic box but that is the only difference the boxing material.

It should also be mentioned that none of those sellers who are scamming the blackpods v3 actually accept PayPal. All of those websites do not accept PayPal because they are advertising a product that they will never ship. If you really want to buy then you can buy safely from us with PayPal because no other website will let you buy with PayPal that sells "BlackPods" because none of them are real businesses.